Seduce and Attract A Man Or Woman Using Sexual Energy

Whenever two or more people come together to make something happen, sexual-creative energy flows to fill the void between them and to empower their actions. Each of us succeeds or fails in our interactions with the opposite sex to the degree that we give form and direction to this creative force.

You may be one of those people who when you see an attractive man or woman, you instantly and urgently feel so attracted to him or her that sometimes in your “disorganized state’ you do something that sabotages your efforts to make a good first impression. Or you may be one of those people who when with a sexual partner rushes headlong into genital touching and sexual penetration either because you have little understanding of how your body works or are afraid that if you do not do it soon enough you’ll lose your staying power. Hard, fast, rushed sexual attraction or sexual intercourse destroys the passion and possibility of a strong connection developing naturally.

Either case, you are suffering from the backlash of “sexual messages” imprinted in your sexual programming. This default sexual programming is what prevents you from fully and effectively channeling your awesome sexual energy to extol the glories of sexual attraction and pleasure.

When you are not programmed to express yourself as a sexual being (in a healthy way) you stifle the inward movement of sexual energy and never fully allow your sexual energy to flow and fill the void between you and the opposite sex. You never allow your sexual energy to empower your actions and connect with the opposite sex at a very primal level.

Making full use of your sexual-creative energies available to you begins with the active conscious broadcasting of your sexual energy.

The art of seduction when done the right way (slow, gentle and relaxed) is a powerful space for you to broaden and explore the use of your sexual energy. When used as a way of broadcasting sexual energy, the art of seduction teaches you how to tune-in and respond to the other person’s sexual energy. You can in effect request another person to take you into the very centre of themselves and there play with you for hours. When this degree of connection is established, seduction stops being a technique, routine or act and instead becomes one flow of sexual energies.

Some people are innately aware of powerful way of attracting the opposite sex while others are aware somewhere within their inner wisdom but quite often fear, doubt, shame and other insecurities step in and most people will hold back and lose the critical moment.

We all have the ability to connect with the opposite sex at a deep primal level that is so powerfully and irresistibly attractive, and deep within us we long to be able to do just that. I encourage you to embrace the function of your sexual energy by practicing free-flowing energy-in-motion. You will be surprised at how effortlessly you can attract the opposite sex.

If you want to learn more about broadcasting sexual energy, visit my websites. I answer so many questions that so many people are dying to know the answers to. Information most people will never know about the true power of this ancient art.

Increasing Feminine Sexual Energy

Feminine sexual energy is the creative force of nature. Sexual energy is an aspect of Kundalini energy in Hindu and Buddhist traditions. Kundalini is a Sanskrit word that directly translates as a serpent or snake. The reason Kundalini is likened to a serpent is because it is coiled in and lays dormant at the base of the spine. When awakened, Kundalini energy surges up the energy channels through the body, filling your body with ecstatic pleasure. When allowed to flow freely, Kundalini energy becomes the soul’s celebration of life.

To be more precise, Kundalini is not located in the physical body, but in the energy body surrounding the physical body, or Aura. The soul, according to Eastern philosophy, incarnates in the physical world and experiences life through the physical body. The Aura is an intelligent energy that connects the physical and spiritual worlds. “Physical”, “energetic” and “spiritual” are not opposites, but complimentary aspects of the Self. When you honor and embrace all three of these aspects, you feel whole. Kundalini energy, like a wind, carries messages between your spirit and physical Self.

Some people reject sexual energy and view it as a low urge that is not spiritual and only meant for reproduction purposes. Some people accept and enjoy sexual energy as a physical expression only. But sexual energy is the wind that connects both worlds! When you honor all aspects of yourself, including your sexuality, your body becomes an art – a beautiful, free flowing celebration of your soul, your divine nature.

Sexual energy is mistakenly linked exclusively to the acts of sex. However, Kundalini/sexual energy is at work when you create, dance, laugh and enjoy pleasures, be they physical or emotional. When you allow yourself to enjoy your body fully and with abundance, you increase the flow of Kundalini energy. Your sexual energy is a manifestation of your divine feminine nature – expansive like a river, deep and nurturing like the ocean, powerful like a spring thunderstorm and wild like weather. Goddess Kundalini is a cosmic seductress… she is irresistible. By embracing your sexual energy, you are allowing the magic of your soul to shine through your body.

Techniques for increasing feminine energy:

There are a number of techniques for awakening and increasing your energy. Dancing is an amazing way to get your Kundalini to rise! Pick different types of music – fast, slow, sensual… When you are at home alone, dance naked. Get comfortable with your body. Feel it. Enjoy it. Let it flow.

Spend time with other women. When women get together, they recharge each other. Every woman has a unique gradient of energy. By spending time with your girlfriends, whether it is pursuing your favorite hobbies, going dancing, or going shopping, you enrich each other’s feminine energy. Forget cattiness and competing for men! Support and empower each other! Our strength is in unity.

Meditating on chakras (energy centers within your energy body) directly and significantly increases the flow of Kundalini energy. At its most powerful expression, Kundalini opens the doors to high meditative states that lead to Enlightenment. I will write on meditation techniques that raise Kundalini energy in my posts, as well as teach them in the Women’s Perfect Body Program.

I invite you to embrace your sexual energy and celebrate spirit through the body. Dance freely! Do not feel shame or shy. It is beautiful! You are beautiful!

Calories During Sex – How Many Calories Do You Burn During a 30 Minute Sex Session?

Most of us assume that anything that feels good can’t possibly be good at all. Well it’s time to turn away from that logic because something that feels good can actually be beneficial to your health. We are talking about sex here, specifically safe sex.

Have you ever heard of the cliché, “Touch heals”? The chemical composition of your body actually changes when you are being touched. Caressing, cuddling, stroking, and hugging have the ability to change the chain of reaction of chemicals in your body. The results are awesome: strengthened emotional bonds and improvement of overall health and mood.

Does sex play a significant role in weight loss and lowering cholesterol levels? Yes it does. The average amount of calories burned for 30 minutes session of sex is 150. When you would compare it to other activities that you actually do on a daily basis, you would see that you burn more with sex than the rest. Housework can burn only 111 cals, Yoga 114 cals, and dancing 129 cals. Sex is actually said to be a legitimate form of exercise that lowers cholesterol level.

Not only does sex burn energy, it also helps improve circulation. The deep breathing and increased heart rate that happens during a 30-minutes session helps increase the flow of blood to your entire body. It then supplies fresh oxygen, hormones, and nutrients to the brain and other organs. The rate by which waste deposits are removed from your body system in also increased, hence results to weight loss and prevention of fatigue and illness. Lastly, you get better sleep after a 30-minutes session of lovemaking. You would sleep more and restfully because of the relaxing afterglow.

Whether you are making love with your partner, or even during orgasm itself, you are actually burning calories and reaping the benefits.

Now do you want to burn more calories and lose weight but in a way you can achieve without a single problem?

Know the best way to fire up your metabolism, burn fat fast & develop lasting health.

What is High Energy Sex? How To Help Premature Ejaculation by Raising Your Sexual Energy

My sincerest wish for men is that they can experience the ecstasy of high energy sex as often as possible and learn new ways to stop having low energy sex! The added benefit of learning to experience to experience high energy sex is that it also shows how to last longer in bed for men! Low energy sex is disappointing. You know the kind where it’s all over in a flash and you feel like, “Why did I even bother?” What is low energy sex? Low energy sex is usually when your sex experience is short and swift, without much sensation or orgasm. You may even have feelings of anxiety, boredom, or lethargy. You don’t really care much about your partner and her response. Sometimes you are even glad it is over.

What is high energy sex? High energy sex is about you being in a passionate energy field of lovingness and joy – the expression of sheer enthusiasm to be in an intimate space with your partner. That is what it is all about for a woman! Want to be deeply appreciated by your partner and last longer in bed at the same time? Here is the secret! Feel your overflowing desire to bring happiness and pleasure to your partner by being you completely and by being that strong loving man that you are. You are no longer concerned about performance. You are no longer thinking about what is going to happen in the next split second and worrying about not being able to last long enough. You are simply being with your partner as a joyful, lusty, passionate man and appreciating her. You are not trying to “get it.” Be in that spontaneity of the moment without thinking, without trying to make something happen. Just be present in the moment. You will begin to feel and experience your partner’s energy fully. No expected outcome, nothing to strive for.

See what happens! In this spontaneous space you can feel your powerful masculine attraction energy penetrate the mystery of the feminine – her irresistible magnetism as a woman. You will feel expansion, union, and merging together. In fact, you can enter into a remarkable orgasmic experience together where you will totally lose track of time. You will be in the timeless orgasmic zone of creation. What if you never feel that kind of enthusiasm these days to just be with your partner? What if you feel tired, lethargic, confused, anxious, or angry? Well, here is AN EXERCISE FOR YOU that is just one tip for increasing your sexual energy and lasting longer in bed.

Give this a try:

– Any time during the day that you feel yourself in any kind of low energy state, sit for a few moments, close your eyes, and drop your awareness (your attention) to the navel.

– Imagine you feel each breath moving directly in and out of your navel. You don’t need to change your breath or hold it or do anything special.

– Just let your breath be totally relaxed and spontaneous.

– You drop your awareness to your navel and feel there.

– Feel the sense of expansion as you breath in through your navel.

– Feel a wave of relaxation as you breath out through your navel.

– Continue this for just a few minutes.

– Then notice your energy. How do you feel? Open your eyes and notice your energy level now.

– Practice this any time of the day or night.

What is the benefit of breathing through the navel like that? Your centre of gravity, your hara, your 1-point as a human is about 2 inches below your navel. Whenever you focus in this area, you are revitalizing yourself, centering yourself, becoming more solid as a man, and shifting and raising your energy field in a subtle and potent way.

Try it! Notice what influence it has first on you and then on the space where you are. Your sexual energy is creative energy. It is the energy of all creation. It is the essence of creation. Nothing exists without sexual energy. Like the wind and weather, sexual energy is the most natural and powerful force of creation.

Ecstasy appears naturally whenever your mind and body stretch and expand beyond their ordinary boundaries. Ecstasy is surrender to the life force – to your life force. Sexual intimacy and connection can be the most profound human experience, a total revelation of your depths, the greatest source of joy, and a path to inner knowledge. Rooted in the core of your being, you have a deep craving for sexual intimacy, love, and connection. Your presence in the world is a reflection of your presence in sex and intimacy. Your sexual energy is your most vibrant alive self. What happens when you block, ignore, or even reject feeling your natural sexuality and desire? You limit and cut yourself off from the source of your creativity, your inner peace and joy, your health, your abundance. So don’t let your sexuality languish. Feed and nurture it like you would anything that you want to grow. A plant, a business, a child; these all need care to thrive and likewise so does your creative sexual side.

Mastery of Relationships, Psychic Sex Connections, Energy Vampires, Implants and Meditation Part One

Relationship Psychic Sex Connections exist in all people and in general mess up their lives. Instead they should Enhance our lives and lives of everyone around us. With Meditation Techniques we can learn The Mastery of Relationships!!

We can learn how to Get Rid of all Energy Vampires!

For all intent and purpose, Psychic Sex Connections or “strings” in relationships are very similar to umbilical connections or even electric and telephone wires, except they exist on the astral dimensional planes in all relationships. They can be very thin, or very thick, and can appear as very light or very dark streamers coming out of your energy fields/bodies.

These strings, psychic sex connections, stretch between all chakras, chakra to chakra and in the case of Relationships from abdomen to abdomen and with sex, from base chakra to base chakra.

Relationship Psychic Sex Connections can be superficially hooked onto the surface of – or more deeply plugged into the very cores of – your numerous energy fields, chakras and/or dimensional bodies.

Initially these relationship hooks or plugs seem pretty innocuous to the astral spirit, at first glance appearing very light, maybe even golden and brightly colored but Psychic Sex Connections in Relationships, no matter how attractive or light or energizing, are ties that bind, and as Gautama Buddha said, thousands of years ago, “Attachment leads to Pain”.

One of our Meditation students, Susan Macri, a medical doctor living at the ashram of Sathya Sai Baba in India teaches “cutting the ties that bind” to 2000 people a year in her workshops there, yet found it necessary to learn the Advanced Initiations of Energy Enhancement to further augment her knowledge.

These Psychic Sex Connections can limit your freedom in Relationships if you can’t manage them through knowledge of the Initiations of Energy Enhancement in Relationships…gilded chains are still chains, and a gilded cage is still a cage …. Any relationship Psychic Sex Connection can be made to appear beautiful and of the light, yet one should ask ” where does this Psychic Sex Connection lead to, or come from?”

When followed back to their origins, we have found sometimes people are unconsciously connected to people who are sucking their energies. We call these people Energy Vampires. They can also be connected in to bad entities or consciousnesses, pulling these “strings” these Psychic Sex Connections – See the movie “The Matrix” WHERE PEOPLE ARE TURNED INTO BATTERIES.

You usually have a relationship with badness usually through being Implanted. The Energy Blockage or Psychic Virus implanted in you, always sends energy back to the person who implanted you. Some of these energy vampires have thousands of connections with people sending energy back to them!

Relationship Psychic Sex Connections might be seen, felt or sensed by you feeling tired and lacking in energy, or attracted by things you know are bad for you or even becoming addicted, but there are many connections that are imperceptible to most people.

It is handy to work with people who are experienced in these matters as they can help you spot the connections and help you release them, but unless you learn how to do it for yourself with advanced methods of meditation, eventually you will be implanted and vampirised of your energy again.

The bleed through of negative psychic impulses, messages and energies from one being to another through these Psychic Sex Connections can often and easily act to interfere or distort the integrity and conscious energetic experience of your own space.

This may be something most people are totally unaware of… as everyone falsely assumes that all their impulses, thoughts and feelings originate from themselves where in actuality much comes through being given Implants and addictions by these and other bad people.